Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Well! it's official we are now closed for the holidays.
The last pint has been pulled, the last Santa cruise successfully completed and the last craft gifts and holiday craft essentials sold.

As well as being a busy month it has also been quite eventful with me being quarantined  for 3 days at the beginning of the month with the winter sickness bug,  Luckily we were fairly well organised and in between the shop and events in the bar and on the boat thanks to the staff we each managed to see Tally in her first ice show a couple of times. She had been training very hard and much to her relief she performed her routines without any mistakes.All of the skaters were fantastic. Back to reality with a bump with Granddad Peter being poorly and taking to his bed most unusual for him.  Then I picked up his man flu or some other bug and to be honest for the last week every thing has been an effort as soon as I have got home have been asleep before my after work cup of tea is finished, and for those who know me know I hate to waste a good cup of tea.

Other than the essentials for workshops etc I have not made any time for crafting, which makes me depressed as crafting lifts my spirits so this afternoon instead of tidying the shop, which incidentally looks like a tornado has hit it I have made some Christmas Decorations.

I am not really a wreath person but I saw these wooden hearts and I thought that they would make unusual Christmas wreaths. Dorrie says they look more like a Valentine project but I like the colours and the use of embellishments that are not overtly Christmas Decorations

They are now hung in my boat and I have even found the holiday lights. It felt like too much of an effort but I am glad I did.

I also made one of my tags for Tim's 12 tags of 2012, I might even finish the other one as I am being a sad poorly bear an am not going out on Christmas Eve. As of 8pm I still haven;t made my personal Christmas Cards and I guess now it will be New Years cards instead.

Anyway I really must stop wittering, so to all our customer past present and future we wish you a Very Merry Christmas and A happy New Year

The Quayside Crafters

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