Monday, 28 January 2013

Craft Show - Jan 2013 - Don Valley Stadium

This weekend (and part of last week) saw us packing boxes full of lots of yummy crafting goodies, unpacking them and then repacking what was left on Sunday to return to the store.

You guessed it - we went to the craft fair at Don Valley Stadium this Sunday.

It was a fun day that goes far too quick, great to chat to friends both old and  new.

I forgot to take the camera but I have some pictures from last November.

Although we thought we had most products on the stand, I still uttered the words
'we have some in stock at the shop',
 far too many times.

So my thought for the one in June is, let me know what you need in advance and we will bring it with us (or order it for you.)

Happy crafting.


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