Sunday, 18 August 2013

Dorrie says

That I must take photos when I completing a project so I can post how it's done. I know I should but I get into the zone and the project completes it's self before I even think to get the camera out.This time the camera was placed next to me I managed a few photos of my latest journal page while in progress. I used black gesso to cover the page and then wanted to use some old rub ons from my stash.

I added the rub ons top left and right and bottom right of the page.

 I had a quote about dreams that I wanted to use.I tried writing it with a white paint pen twice but didn't like it as I felt that it was too thick, I gessoed it out and the third time I used a white gel pen, which I liked better, Re-gessoing the page made a different background effect from where I started sort of like a blackboard that has been wiped clean, which I quite like.  

I then used a white pen and silver pen to outline some of the flower rubons and added a couple ore rub ons to complete the page.

Until next time happy Crafting from 
The Quayside Crafters

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