Saturday, 18 August 2012


Welcome to the Quayside Crafts blog site Quayside Crafters.

We opened the craftshop several years ago now and we are currently working on the next phase of our craft business, which is the website, we hope to have all the glitches ironed out and the site operational shortly. In the meantime we thought we would let you know what is happening in our world by starting this blog feed.

We will post the new work shop programme here and let you know as new products come in etc. as well as a few of our projects, which we hope will inspire you to have a go with new products. and technicques.

A few introductions first.

Georgina, who has been crafting for most of her life and as Mouse says that's a very long time. She is in charge of the craft work shops and buying. If we don't have a product in store she is usually very good at sourcing it. Currently she is enjoying Art Journaling, anything Steampunk and Mixed Media collage and canvases. And is currently having a love hate relationship with altered books. Currently her favourite  products are Faber Castell Gelato's (available in store) Creamy paint sticks that look a bit like chap sticks.

Dorrie, another keen crafter is in charge of administration.  Her passions currently are creating backgrounds in her journal, collage and beading. At he moment her favourite product is 'everything' including paints of all kinds. Her wish list of products grows every day.

Mouse "I need one in every colour" is too young to work in the shop but is very good at advising us what she thinks we ought to stock and is very good at setting the price gun. Her crafting intrests at the moment are drawing and painting she loves partisipating in Tim's 12 tags of 2012 and always has an intresting spin on an idea. She loves distress inks, and is coverting a set of Distress Markers all of her own (Mummy says she will have a long wait) she will have to share with everybody else.
There are links to our personal blogs on the side bar.

Thank you for hoping along.

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