Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Workshops Sept-Oct 2012

As normal life is running along with us jogging just a few steps behind.  I think we would all like to fit in a few more jobs in to the time we have, but realising this is not a reality, we settle for doing our best. By climbing our mountain at a steady rate, when we reach the top we will have enough breath left to appreciate the view. (I think I will use that/my quote on a journal page)

This weekend along with the normal number of boat trips we fitted in retailing at one of our local craft shows at Don Valley Stadium the next one being in November.  It was a little quieter than the one in June, but it gave Georgina a chance to chat to both new and old customers, and finish a couple of demo pieces.

Monday a quite day at the Quays Georgina finished the Workshop Programme for September and October.  Which I have uploaded today on both our main site (until the craft one is finished) and created a new page on the blog, just go via the tab at the top of the page.  The new page needs a few photo's but that will be later in the month (see I now made that into a no pressure job).

The store is full of stock with no space for a large craft table, so we use the boat whenever it is not out tripping or the function room in 'The Quays 1819' bar, both have wheelchair access and great light areas for crafting.

Thought I would give you a few pictures of the boat in workshop mode.

Birthday chocolates.

Good to see everyone paying attention.

Now I want to know what was happening on the quayside!

 Not bad managed to put two pictures of Georgina in. Big giggles

Thought I better put one in of me as well.  Us at a Rangers retailer workshop.

Happy Crafting.


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